PROPVERSARY BABY, hell yeah! What is propversary you ask? It’s a term I coined myself and basically means the anniversary of a property, or a property anniversary or when propane becomes your adversary. For this post, I will take the definition that it means a property anniversary and that’s what today is! One of my … More Propversary!

Cmon Man, Focus!

It’s me again! You know I was only supposed to be editing and trying to make the website look better for you guys tonight but I kept on being distracted, chiefly because I really want to re-watch The Good, the Bad and the Ugly later and couldn’t concentrate properly on actually editing and making the … More Cmon Man, Focus!

Oh Ba Dear

Oh Ba Dear as my friend Mycall would say, not at all how I planned this would go, no not at all. Why do I say that? Well this blog was supposed to be anonymous and a means for me to reach out to the world in the comfort of my own personal space, hiding … More Oh Ba Dear

Let’s Do It!

Do what you ask? Doing you! What do you mean doing you? Here, let me explain. Growing up we all had the belief (well I did anyway) that if you go to a good school, get good grades, get into a good uni, get a good job, you get a good career, find a good … More Let’s Do It!


Hello everyone – I welcome you! This is my first of (hopefully) many posts, and I am EXCITED. Made a commitment to myself to start up a business or get married this year. Well one out of two ain’t bad. Not to say that this is a business by any stretch of the imagination (contact … More Finally…