Property Management

Oh TheFrugalSamurai I missed you so much, please don’t ever leave me. There there, it’s OK – I’m back now! But wait – where did you disappear to? Adelaide people, Adelaide. What’s Adelaide? Is that a cool and refreshing drink? No no – it’s a city in South Australia renowned for… umm… renowned for… (Cue … More Property Management

Hump Day

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho it’s off to work we go. Hello again friends! Heigh Ho indeed for most of us although luckily it’s Wednesday which means HUMP DAY! Hump day’s term came about because you know naturally the seven day week is like a camel, and Wednesday which falls in the middle is the “hump” … More Hump Day

All The Small Things

Hi gang! Back for another dose of TheFrugalSamurai? Of course you are! Last night, one of MrsTheFrugalSamurai-to-be’s close friends held an event which consisted of a splatter party followed by an intimate dinner (intimate as in with other close friends, not just with MrsTheFrugalSamurai-to-be). Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the splatter party because a) I had … More All The Small Things

The Journey Begins

Hello friends, I’m back! First off, have to say thank you all for the overwhelming responses and private messages of support after the last post, very much appreciated! I debated long and hard with myself as to whether to share it, so great to hear you enjoyed it. Apologies for then going AWOL, you must have … More The Journey Begins

My numbers revealed…

Evening friends! Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday evening! Are you all psyched for Monday? Woot woot! At the very least, I hope you basked in the beautiful Spring weather today. After the last post on feedback I received a goodly number of well, feedback and the consistent theme is to continue to make it personable … More My numbers revealed…


“HELP!” What’s wrong?! What’s wrong?! “Nothing, just wanted to capture your attention.” (Ducks to avoid flying saucepan to the FACE). Now that I have it, I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has read this blog so far. I know I added a small postscript at the end of the last … More Feedback