5 C’s of Credit

Reading Time: 5 minutes  “Hey, can you lend me twenty bucks?” I stopped in my tracks and surveyed the scene in front of me. A young man, dressed sharply in a suit and tie held out his hand with an air of confidence. A myriad of thoughts permeated through my mind. Did I know this … More 5 C’s of Credit

Go On, Reflect!

Reading Time: 3 minutes  Last night whilst watching the 3rd/4th playoff of the World Cup – I found myself in an inadvertent quasi high-school reunion. There were 7 of us and more than half of the group I have not caught up with in years. What a pleasant surprise to see such old faces, all … More Go On, Reflect!

How Does Your Earnings Compare With Other Countries?

Reading Time: 3 minutes  CRAZY FROG RINGTONE PLAYS A young man, with imposing physique and streamlined facial muscles, wearily reaches for the snooze button. He misses. CRAZY FROG RINGTONE CONTINUES His wife, a most nubile specimen of her sex, is awoken from her slumber. “Wha…what’s zat… get it” she says, as she kicks out under … More How Does Your Earnings Compare With Other Countries?

Attitude Not Aptitude Determines Your Altitude!

Reading Time: 3 minutes  всем привет! How’s everyone’s weekend going, all ready and pumped up for Monday?!!! What’s happening on Monday? Nothing special, just the start of the working week – back to it WOOOOOooo! Why are you so cheery? Because it’s good to be ALIVE people! O…ok… Ha ha! Too much for you? Attitude … More Attitude Not Aptitude Determines Your Altitude!