Bye Bye 2017!

Hey everyone! Wishing you all an early Happy New Year! Those of you who are reading this on New Year’s Eve – WHY! As much as I appreciate it, get out there, enjoy the last day of 2017 with your loved ones, come back and read this post next year! Hahaha, only joking – I’m … More Bye Bye 2017!

Bitcoin! (Final Part) – 4 Thoughts Of What I’ve Learnt So Far

What’s up guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed some well-deserved time off. I spent a significant part of it reading up further on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to demystify the market and try to determine if there’s a future in this. After the previous posts, I’ve had a couple of friends come up … More Bitcoin! (Final Part) – 4 Thoughts Of What I’ve Learnt So Far

Bitcoin! (Part 3)

Buenos días muchachos! ¿Cómo están todos? Haha sorry guys, I’m still too caught up from watching old school gangster films these past couple of nights as a celebration of two weeks off work. Friday night it was “Boyz n the Hood” and last night “Blood in, Blood out” (hence the Spanish twist). CRENSHAW MAFIA YO! … More Bitcoin! (Part 3)

Bitcoin! (Part 2)

Scene 1. It is a dark and shadowy night. The camera slowly pans out to reveal a man seemingly lifeless on the ground. Slowly he raises his arm, looks into the camera and whispers… “”S…save me…” He drops his arm, and there is silence, scene fades to black. EXACTLY how I feel – working like … More Bitcoin! (Part 2)

Bitcoin! (Part 1)

Hey guys, how’s it going! Tick tock, tick tock – hey what’s that? It’s the clock counting down to the festive season! Yay! Can’t WAIT. Last week of work for me coming up before a couple of weeks off – definitely need the break as everything’s a million miles an hour right now. Christmas will … More Bitcoin! (Part 1)

5 Things I’ve Learnt Trying to Plan a Wedding (So Far)

What’s up ladies and gentlemen! Hang on a moment, “drinks large gulp of water”. That’s better, sorry guys – it’s been crazy these last couple of weeks with work, wedding planning, moving house and all the usual bedlam and chaos that occurs in December. You know how that feels! Luckily I’m not doing it alone and … More 5 Things I’ve Learnt Trying to Plan a Wedding (So Far)